Sunday, March 06, 2005

Unexpected Three Day Weekend

I got a call at 4:30 AM Friday. When's the last time you got good news at that time of night? Well, the power was out at the high school and we got the day off! I'm sure we'll be making it up in June, but once again, I'm only thinking in the present.

I got the room put back together:

I finished the cotton hooded baby sweater:

And I figured out where I was on the Sheep Shawl started so long ago:

How sad is it that this is my progress picture from 6/29/03!


  1. Hey, Sheep Shawl! In the forest, headed towards the village.....

  2. Wow! You work harder on a day off than some do at their regularly scheduled places of employment!

  3. Sylvia6:44 AM

    The baby hoodie looks wonderful. Is your house always that clean?!

  4. your new shelves look great! you've got lots of talents going there!!