Sunday, November 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

While I am on Facebook and I use Twitter for educational resources and updates I feel most at home here.  I'm sure that most of my readers have gone by the wayside but as many bloggers have mentioned the writing and documenting is the top reason most give for blogging.

This hit home when I was trying to remember how I made a huck lace baby blanket way before I had my own grandchildren.   I spent an hour or two trying to remember where I got the idea and how many threads I'd need, etc.  before I got the brilliant idea to check my blog!  Oops, here was everything I needed.  I love the reference to my mp3 player.  So old school.

This was from July 2004.

 I love the little insets of huck that surround the purple. 

The new incarnation will be pink, green, and a very pale yellow.  Why do I need to weave a new baby blanket you ask?  Here's why ....

After a false alarm round-trip to Long Island on Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon I found myself back in the car driving up at 1:00 AM Monday morning knowing that this little sweetheart had arrived.  

Totally worth the drive, I'd say!! And how is Jackson taking to this new addition?

It's exhausting work being a big brother.

But, again, totally worth it!!!!