Saturday, July 19, 2014

Little Presents

Fiona is growing slowly but steadily. She came off the ventilator a few days ago, right after her one month birthday.

I haven't finished quilting her big quilt but she won't be able to use that for a while so I made a little embroidered blanket that can be used as a lovie, burp cloth, and even a doll blanket when she's a little older.  I backed the embroidered cloth with pink flannel and they have it hanging right above her crib.   (The white balance is off on the first photo.  The embroider was done using Moda snow, which is a creamy white.)

I made peanut butter ice cream last week and Jacob couldn't wait for his bowl!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Long and Winding Road

Don't keep me waiting here .....

This warp sat in the raddle for a month and today I finally had time to get it wound on.  

Under the breast beam and over the trapeze.

I only had 3 small 1 lb. weights and was looking around for 5 equally weighted objects when I remembered our water emergency last March.  20 oz. water bottles did the trick!!

7 yards wound on.  Heddles counted and ready for threading.  I may have time on Sunday to begin threading, if not it's going to have to wait for another week because next week it's time for a visit to Marie's Funny Farm and then up to Countrywool.  Once we meet up with Claudia it's on to WEBS for what else? More weaving yarn!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weaving Standstill

I haven't warped the loom in so long that I feel like I'm second-guessing every step.  So that went to the back burner and I took on projects that needed immediate attention.

I finished the pieces of my Nordique Swing. Now I need to block it then seam and finish the neckband and button band.  I bought this yarn from WEBS years ago.  I've made a Little Dimun shawl, this sweater, and I still have 8 skeins left!!  It is a lovely shade of red and a wonderful weight so I'm sure there will be make one or two more projects with it.

I also finished a quilt for little Autumn Jo.

Butterfly from Jacobean Flutters, digitized by Designs by Juju
I followed (not so well, apparently) Terry Atkinson's Yellow Brick Road.  I was so proud of myself for using up stash that it sort of went to my head.  I cut out everything right off the bat rather than reading the directions carefully.  You know, like the part that says read everything first, circling the numbers that apply to your size!! So, good news, I now have a quilt top ready to quilt for my brand new niece, Fiona Frances.  Little Fiona was not set to appear until October but she made her wishes known at 24 weeks and on Friday, June 13th was born weighing in at 1 lb. 4 oz.  She's a trooper, as is her mom, and is hanging in there, getting a little stronger every day.

The quilt can wait but I'm going to make a little flannel square with her initials to put over her crib so she has something from Auntie Char!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Life Begins Anew!!

My retirement will begin in three weeks.  In the meantime I'm preparing to reenter the world!!

Just scroll down two entries and you'll see the last thing to come off the loom -- over a year ago!  I thought I needed something simple to work out the kinks from weaving inertia.  These towels are known by Friendship Towels or Keep it Simple, but they actually date back to an old draft known as Huckaback in Davison's book.