Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

How many times have I complained, whined, and wept over the room our unused pool table was taking up in my basement studio?

Well it's gone now and here's the problem ......

Holy crap! Where did that stuff come from? I need more shelves or cabinets.

I found one bag of Shetland fleece and two bags of Finn, so it has a silver lining!

So what does any self-respecting fibernut do?

She picks up a new loom, naturally. This is an handmade (1930-40) oak, counterbalance loom. I was hoping that I could use it for rugs, but it appears that the back beam can be folded in. I'm going to see if I can replace the support with something heavier and permanent. That might make it work. I still have to figure out how to attach the warp advancing mechanism and the break. I can see where it goes because I matched up the holes but I will have to fool around with it a bit. I also need to figure out how to tie up the harnesses.

It's All About Me!!!!
Disclaimer: I am the person who broke your recipe chain letter, along with the dishtowel one. However Marie tagged me and I always listen to Marie, so here goes!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Hmm, well I had all four children at home. The youngest was fifteen which meant lots of driving, to baseball games, friends' homes, etc. I also had my whole summer off so my gardens looked beautiful and I had lots of time to knit and spin. Dyeing and weaving hadn't entered my life yet.

2. What were five things on my to-do list today (not in any particular order)?
(1) Pick up Jackson after school. Play, crawl on the floor, act like a fool!
(2) Convert console table to shelves for cones of weaving yarn.
(3) Plan dyeing experiments for Sunday.
(4) Do arms routine before flab hanging from my upper arms knocks someone over.
(5) Weed.

3. What snacks do I enjoy?
Mango salsa with tortilla chips. Roasted pepper hummus. Anything salty.

4. Where are some places I've lived?
I was born in Rome, NY. I moved to Japan as a baby and lived there for two years. Then on to the Mojave Desert (Camp Irwin). My father retired from the army and after a quick stay in Oswego, NY we settled in Phoenixville, PA. As an adult I've lived in Phoenixville, Middlesex NJ, Troy MI, Boulder CO, finally settling in Audubon for the past 20 years.

5. What things would I do if I were a billionaire?
Pay off all of my children's student loans and pay for any future educational advancement for my kids and grandchildren. Quit my jobs and spend my time with family and fiber. I would be happy to stay where I am with a few upgrades - like a crew to do the heavy digging and garden prep and a nice sunny studio addition.

Consider yourself tagged! (so I don't listen all that well)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Twist and Shout

My Minimalist cardigan is getting closer to the end. I have 1.75 skeins left and both fronts to do. Yikes! I'm finding that the moss stitch is really torquing but I can pull on the diagonal and it looks good. I'll block the pieces first and then the seams should hold it all in place. The picture is from last weekend, I finished the back last night.

I also started on my last fiber from Anne. This is Oberon - 40% gray alpaca, 30% gray angora bunny and purple/blue dyed angora, and 18% purple/blue dyed silk, 2% purple angelina. I'm spinning this in a laceweight.

I didn't spin when my kids were young. Now that Jackson can get around more I'm learning a few things!

You'll be happy to know that he pushed that car right behind the wheel without actually hitting it!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Little Bit of This.....

I've been planning a couple of weaving and dyeing projects for the summer. Thanks to Marie's suggestion I visited the COLOURlovers site. What fun! I loved the Orangetip, Bintree Woods. What's really cool is that you can download the palette and you can also click to have the palette presented in a pattern. The plaid shows all of the colors of the palette, some will use two or three colors.

Speaking of Marie, take a peek at the lovely cheese that showed up at my house last week. Even before I opened the package I could smell the smokey scents of the Montasio. We had too much company last weekend (I didn't want to share!) so I held off trying it out.

I got back into quilting last fall, only to pack it away for a few months. I pulled it back out last week and got to work quilting. I'm using a hoop because it's small and I don't have the room to set up the big quilting frame.

I think my thimble has seen better days. Of course, sitting around for all these years waiting for me to start quilting again might have added to the problem. Luckily I found one of those leather ones with the braided elastic to see me through until I can get another.

I'm going to outline quilt all the white on white blocks and then crosshatch the border. I'm starting to get my quilting rhythm back. I'm picking up a little speed but I'm actually trying to get this finished for Jackson's first birthday, but who knows?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spinning My Wheels

"Thank you for your SOAR 2008 registration. Confirmations will be sent the week of June 9th." I was able to go to the 2004 SOAR retreat - the last time it was held at Pocono Manor. This year I was able to talk my principal into going to bat for me with the superintendent so that I will be allowed to attend the entire event. So why does it have to be this year that SOAR received so many registrations during the first week that everyone is being put into the lottery? Okay, I'll stop whining and think positively.

To increase my chances in the lottery I decided I needed a little spinning karma. I finished the Vermont Maples from Anne. This is 40% brown alpaca, 50% dyed wool in magenta, pink, yellow and burgudy, and and 8% yellow silk noil, 2% bronze angelina. I'm usually not a fan of slubby yarns but the photo doesn't do the yarn justice. It will be a nice partner for the chocolate Humble Hills Romney X that has been patiently waiting for an accent yarn. Once plied I started on Oberon, again from Anne, a lovely pale lavender roving - 40% gray alpaca, 30% gray angora bunny and purple/blue dyed angora, and 18% purple/blue dyed silk, 2% purple angelina

All of my weekend spinning reminded me of my last project, all washed, skeined, and ready for action. I've got about 2400 yards of this squishy 3 ply corrie. So now the question is what do I make? I had planned on a cabled cardigan but now I'm thinking maybe I'll add some other natural colored yarn and make a patterned yoke instead.

Next up? Since I didn't get a chance to go to MDSW again this year, I treated myself to some Hog Island roving. I heard about this breed after Vee showed her Hog Island yarn and told about the historical background of these sheep. Very cool!

Oh, if you tried to post a comment in the last week or two, I realized that in my zeal to block spam I blocked all comments! Doh!