Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back in the Garden

I'm only teaching two weeks this summer so I hope to get my gardens back from the weeds.  For now, it's only close ups :-)

Purple Coneflower

Once the scarves are off the loom I have some place mats and a runner, followed up by a tablecloth in the works.

Lots of good ideas.  Finally a little time!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dyeing Onesies Again!

Was it really over four years ago that I dyed a batch of onesies for Jackson?

Onesie, pants, hoodie combo
A few years ago (hmm, apparently it was the summer of 2007!) I bought a Wonder Washer.  I thought it would help when I wanted a more even dye.  Life, as it has a way of doing, got in the way and I finally brought it out last week to dye these pants and hooded jackets.

Rockin' Crocodile
This one is a present for one of Josh's friends.  Tripp, he is the third Joseph Paul.  Granddad is Joe, son is J.P. and little one is Tripp.  J.P. is in a weekend band - a guitar player.

Appliqued Fish

This one is for Jacob, my new grandson. 

These are 6 month Rabbit Skin blanks from Dharma, despite their clown-like appearance here!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sanity Returns

There is such joy in taking a moment to breathe.  I sat down on Sunday and my only intention was to hurry and get this scarf off the loom.  School is over next week and I have a dyed warp that I am anxious to get working on. I looked at this scarf as just another task waiting for a check mark!


But taking the time to stitch across the width gave me more than just another tick on my list.  My breathing started to slow and my shoulders started to relax.

2/2 twill

Maybe Stephen Stills had it right - Love the One You're With!!