Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Fun with Nine Patch

I am in love with this Hushabye collection. So is my daughter, Sarah, so keeping these blocks in the house is becoming a problem!


I made up six blocks based on Rachel's Christmas Table Topper.


Cut the nine patch in half, vertically and horizontally.


Rotated two of the blocks.


Doesn't look all that appealing, does it? I love the blocks but when I looked at it laid out on the floor it wasn't doing a thing for me.


But once I arranged them on the off white (Snow) fabric I bought for the sashing it looked so much better.


Sewn together and ready for quilting. Piper Eileen was born six weeks ago so I better get going! This is going to help.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Disappearing Nine Block

The warp is just sitting there waiting for me but I'm having fun playing with this quilt block. After dipping my toes back into the quilting world I found I've collected a nice little collection of charm squares. Searching through the quilting blogs I found this tutorial. I'm using two Moda charm packs Tranquility and Laurel.


I didn't have too much time. Workout or piece? I combined them by laying out the blocks on the living room floor and taking them downstairs, one block at a time, to sew.


Nothing little a little aerobic sewing, huh?


After I cut them apart ...


I repeated the process, taking one column downstairs at a time.


Just think, if I clean up the basement studio so that I can have my worktable back I would miss out on all that calorie burning!


The blue will be a narrow border and the binding. The orange will be used for the outer, wider border and the backing. I'm going to be machine quilting it after some small practice pieces this week. Wish me luck!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Up Next

I've always wanted to try overshot but it was one of those things that was pushed to the back burner. Not anymore!

The original idea was sparked by a runner at the Funny Farm. It was the Colonial Rose Runner from Handwoven's Design Collection 11. Looking up the pattern I saw that it was based on a Davison draft, Ancient Rose Design.


Checking out my tattered copy of A Handweaver's Pattern Book I found, right above the original draft, A Kutztown Design No. 3. Considering I went to Kutztown University, then known as Kutztown State College, I thought this was appropriate.

Kutztown with Borders

Playing around with Fiberworks I was able to add the border from Colonial Rose. It took a little tweaking to get a nice transition from the pattern to the border. It took a lot more tweaking to correct all of my errors. I recommend exporting the screen to a jpg. Just like a photo will point out design problems when you're laying out a quilt or pick up an error in your lace knitting, seeing the image helped me to pick out several errors!


20/2 perle cotton, Safari, from The Mannings for the warp and tabby. 5/2 in Forest for the pattern.

Half-day today and then I'm finished my adjunct work for the summer. Back to school on the 26th. So many projects.......