Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mornings are Getting Cooler

And it's the perfect time for working on a new cardigan.  This one is Claudia's newest cardigan - Mossy Vine.

It's really interesting to knit.  Lot's of new techniques even for someone who has been knitting for fifty years! I've got another 10-12" on the body then the sleeves and bands.  Should be ready by October!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sampled and Ready to Go!!

 Finally got everything wound on a tied up.

My original plan was to use silver gray for the weft so I tried that first. Meh!  Other samples, going from bottom to top: off-white, evergreen, sagebrush, spring green.  After this shot I tried some 10/2 black but thinking that the thinner, darker yarn would make the warp pop.  Not so much.

The sagebrush won - just neutral enough to highlight the obscure the colors in the warp.

The tie-up included a floating selvedge on each side but of course I didn't bother with it.  That left some problems with the first and last warp thread. Solved that problem by threading them on harness 5 and tying it to treadles 1 and 3.  

Width is 13.2" in the reed and should give me two runners, one 70" and the other 60", plus a few placemats.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Taming the Monster

After thinking about how to continue with that pile of colorful spaghetti I put it downstairs and went on to other projects. Yesterday I decided it was time to tame that monster.

After lots of silly mistakes I was able to get it wound on using the trapeze.  I'm half way done threading and hopefully soon I will be weaving.

Part of the delay for getting to this project was driving up to Long Island and bringing Jackson back.  We spent lots of time exploring in Valley Forge, along with the zoo.

The ruins of the old Colonial Springs Bottling Company
Relaxing on the "relax" bench
Green Iguana

We even had time for a selfie on his last night!!! I look ridiculous but he loves it -- probably because I look ridiculous :-)

He wants to come back for two weeks next summer.  I better start storing up energy now!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


My father never swore around us while we were growing up but after serving for more than thirty years in the military I know he had quite the vocabulary!!    He would say things like "Son of a Sea Biscuit" and when things were really going wrong he'd say that everything was Backassward.  Well, that's exactly what this weaving project is turning into!

I think it's because I used several project ideas and then came up with my own "shortcut" to winding so many different color combinations.  My "thought" process was here.

At this point I'm pre-sleying in an 8 dent reed so that I can keep the 3 thread units together.  I'll thread it and then use my raddle to spread it out over the planned 18.3" width.

Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not Saying Never

After a lesson on Saturday I rented a couple of hours on the long arm and quilted one of the many tops in my bin.  This mystery quilt from several years ago - not one of my favorites - was a good choice for a first project.  

I'm not saying I'd never buy one of these huge machines because that always comes back to bite me in the ass but  ......  I am, however, planning on renting the time to quilt some of my bigger projects.  I was pretty slow setting up yesterday and it took 3 hours for a 56 x 70 quilt but next time will go much faster.  Quilts can be easily taken off the frame in the middle of the project which will allow me to break up some of the bigger ones. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Roller Birds and Bumbaret

Finally getting the warp together for my Roller Birds and Bumbaret.  If you haven't seen Jean Newstead's design before here is Cotton Cloud's photo.

I created a threading chart by using the eyedropper tool on the photo of the cones.  I'll wind each set of colors separately and combine in the reed.

First up is the terra cotta and natural, the main color.  This will alternate with each of the other 5 combinations. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

I'm Here

I've been wanting to get blogging again for a variety of reasons but Sara's post gave me the kick I needed!  As many of us know, I have learned so much by sharing ideas, thoughts, problems and questions with other likeminded persons.  Right now, unfortunately, this is what my loom looks like --

Bare, Naked Truth
But, my weaving made an appearance at an art show.

My friend was exhibiting with her abstract painting group at the arts center.   Not sure if I shared these scarves I made a year ago.

And there is a new project being planned.  I'm pulling color to make a couple of runners for my dining room based on Roller Birds and Bumbaret, in Handwoven's 21st-Century Towel Contest

But first, I must deal with several years of stockpiling supplies saying, "I'll be able to use this when I retire!" Now, to actually make enough space so that I can begin to organize.

It is fun though.  I've found the first Halloween costume pattern I made for my kids.

And ..... an official Bicentennial dress pattern!

Back soon, hopefully with something on my loom!