Friday, July 04, 2008

Garden Accident (or that stick just Poked Me in the EYE)

Once the initial shock passed I couldn't help but think - but, Momma, I wasn't even running! Then the Flying Fish Sailors' Poke You in the Eye kept running through my head. Ouch!!

This happened Wednesday, early in the morning while I was dressed like a beekeeper so that I could rip out poison ivy. Instead of getting a lot cleaned out I had to get myself to the eye doctor. I'll spare you the gory details but the good news is there won't be any permanent damage. Since it was old, dirty, dead wood they couldn't patch it, so he cleaned it up and put a contact over the iris to act as a bandaid. I went back again yesterday and he'll see me again on Monday. My vision is starting to clear up but since this eye is still dilated and teary it's hard to do anything too detailed. I had planned on posting about my loom adjustment findings but that can wait.

So here's a little fireworks for those celebrating today!



Oh and if you like the Sailors you'll be happy to know that they are offering Remnant Stew as a free download!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Twill Baby Blankets Off the Loom

I finished up the blankets yesterday and after a few rows of stitching to stabilize each end I threw them in the washer and let it soak. 38" in the reed is now only about 33". The drape is really wonderful. The smooth warp spun yarn makes the blanket very soft right from the start, unlike some of my mill-end 8/2 blankets that needed a few trips through the wash/dry cycle.

Here's a close up of each of the four blankets.

Blue weft gives a zig-zag effect using this treadling.

One pick green, three picks blue with what I believe is called a straight draw.

This third blanket uses the alabaster (same as warp) for one pick and three blue picks. You probably don't need the draft but what the heck - I already uploaded it!

Finally, this uses one shuttle all the way through. While I'm not sure this is technically a "broken twill" it sure looks like it to me.

Tomorrow I'll cut them apart, hem them, wash them and give them a hard press. Wonder if they'll shrink any more?