Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

No resolutions here but I am looking forward to a little more time for my textile pursuits. I'm cutting back a bit on my adjunct teaching and while I'm still teaching a full load at the high school one of my classes will now be virtual. That means I get to sit in my classroom, by myself, and teach psychology to high school students from anywhere in the world. VHS is not a cyberschool. Most of the students attend bricks and mortar schools but VHS allows them to take courses that their home schools cannot provide due to small populations, narrow interests, or lack of funding. For each course a VHS teacher teaches twenty students per semester from their home school can take a course from VHS.

So what do I have on my list? Way more than I'll get to, but what else is new? The program for the Online Guild is fantastic and I'm hoping to take part in several, starting with this month's Braids and Beads.

The Refined Aran is coming along. The back and left front are done. The right front is much more fiddly due to cables, waist increases/decreases, inserting the pocket, and now buttonholes! I was getting too confused with two Katcha-Katchas and a couple of check off lists so I ended up putting everything on a spreadsheet so I can keep track.

I also decided to rip out my corrie tweed cardigan. The yarn is very rustic looking but nice and soft to the touch but it was just too big. Please feel free to remind me to clean up my office before taking pictures!

The problem is that the sleeves are knitted into the body and I'm having a huge problem unwinding. I get to the join and I'm squeezing the ball through but that only works for a bit. This will only be a problem until I get down past the sleeves but I really don't want to end up with a zillion little balls of yarn so I'll have to think about this for a bit.

Any suggestions?