Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Little Fiber Time

I was so productive yesterday that I gave myself a little reward today. I picked up The 4th of July audiobook from the library and was able to listen to the whole book while putting buttonholes in my new blouses, carding up some more corrie tweed, and winding a warp (okay, 2/3rds of a warp). I don't have the time to plan any complicated drafts but I really need a warp on the loom so I can throw the shuttle when I get too stressed out. I decided to put on another set of Huck-a-Back towels. I especially like the white ones, with the striped border. They're easypeasy - just what I need right now and it's always nice to have some presents ready to go.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Quick Check In

I'm back to school, teaching two new courses, and this weekend I started work on my thesis. BUT I forgot to show you the last bookcase I made for the family room, which has evolved into my husband's home office. The stain really is even, but I took it early in the morning when the sun was shining in.

The Viking is still not repaired. I took pictures of the two new blouses but they hung pretty funny without the buttons so I'll just wait and take a better picture when I get the buttonholes done.

You know, it doesn't really matter how old your kids are, you're still going to worry. Just in case I didn't have enough to occupy my mind, Dan bought this on Wednesday night and brought it right over. It is one big, scary machine. That being said, he's promised me a ride as soon as he gets the seat changed. You know there will be pictures of that!

This is what you get when it's too dark to see through the viewer and the display just shows pitch black. I lightened it enough for you to see the basic outline.