Sunday, April 19, 2009

Log Cabin: One Color at a Time

Spring Break started with a gorgeous double rainbow! (The second is to the right, it's not showing up very well in the compressed image) I didn't overplan this break, but I knew I wanted to weave a couple of the log cabin towels using two colors of weft that were different from the warp. I first started thinking about adding more colors to the basic log cabin when I was planning some baby blankets a few years ago.

I'm working on the same warp that I wound two months ago. Since WEBS had their Eight-Two on sale it seemed like a good time to try some new colors.

Rather than wrap yarns around a card I like to twist them together. I think it gives a much better representation.

I like this combo. Uh oh! Since the loom is already warped with Evergreen and Alabaster picking 4 yarns that don't include those two doesn't exactly work :-)

So I tried lots of different combinations, changing out two weft threads each time, and came up with two that appealed to me.

The two weft colors are a dark turquoise and terra cotta.

Although the dark turquoise is almost indistinguishable from the evergreen it makes a subtle and very pleasing combination.

These two wefts are silver gray and gray blue. I wanted to keep away from anything that was as dark as the evergreen. I liked this enough to make two

I should have enough warp to try out at least two more combinations.

There was some quilting progress and work on Twist is coming along nicely, but most of my free time was spent with this guy!

A couple of weeks ago I received a copy of Family Circle in the mail. I never subscribed to it but Jackson saw the cupcakes on the cover and kept asking for them. What's a grandma to do? I made them the night before Easter and Jackson was quite impressed.

(That's Laura's hand reaching towards Jackson. Her friend was married the day before Easter in a traditional Hindu wedding. On Friday they had the mehendi ritual. Jackson was very impressed with the fact that Aunt Laura had peacocks all over the palm of her hand.)