Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to Weaving!

Kutztown Overshot
If you thought there was no weaving going on in my life lately you would be correct.  But I'm ready to change that because I really miss throwing that shuttle.  The Kutztown Overshot runner has officially become the Kutztown Overshot placemat!

Well, it might just be a little bigger than a placemat.  I plan on using it on the hall table.  While I really enjoyed doing this, at this point in my life I want simple weaves with lots of color.

So ..... I'm going to take off the rest of this 20/2 mercerized cotton warp, dye it, put it back on and weave two more runners. When I have time I can weave and not have to take 20 of the 30 minutes I have available trying to figure out where I was and what comes next!
Lease Sticks in Tabby Shed

Next up, getting my knitting mojo back!