Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ready to Move On

Not such a great photo but it's always fun to stretch out your latest weaving and admire!

Here's the finished products. Since this warp took forever to weave off I'll refresh your memory! WEBS Eight-two, one of my favorites, it's a warp spun cotton that's great for towels and baby blankets. The warp is a creamy off-white (Alabaster) and dark green (Evergreen).

(above) The weft in the top towel is the same as the warp, the lower towel is Dark Teal and Terra Cotta.

(above) The top towel is using Silver Gray and Ink Blue, the bottom towel uses Silver Gray and Gray Blue.

I got six towels out of the warp and with what the leftover warp left I wove a placemat. Think it's time?

I'm not sure that the Eight-Two will be heavy enough for placemats but who knows? I've also had my eye on Janet Dawson's Anything but Plain, article in the Nov/Dec 2007 Handwoven. I love the idea of a somewhat regular random!