Friday, January 23, 2015

I'm Here

I've been wanting to get blogging again for a variety of reasons but Sara's post gave me the kick I needed!  As many of us know, I have learned so much by sharing ideas, thoughts, problems and questions with other likeminded persons.  Right now, unfortunately, this is what my loom looks like --

Bare, Naked Truth
But, my weaving made an appearance at an art show.

My friend was exhibiting with her abstract painting group at the arts center.   Not sure if I shared these scarves I made a year ago.

And there is a new project being planned.  I'm pulling color to make a couple of runners for my dining room based on Roller Birds and Bumbaret, in Handwoven's 21st-Century Towel Contest

But first, I must deal with several years of stockpiling supplies saying, "I'll be able to use this when I retire!" Now, to actually make enough space so that I can begin to organize.

It is fun though.  I've found the first Halloween costume pattern I made for my kids.

And ..... an official Bicentennial dress pattern!

Back soon, hopefully with something on my loom!