Friday, January 23, 2015

I'm Here

I've been wanting to get blogging again for a variety of reasons but Sara's post gave me the kick I needed!  As many of us know, I have learned so much by sharing ideas, thoughts, problems and questions with other likeminded persons.  Right now, unfortunately, this is what my loom looks like --

Bare, Naked Truth
But, my weaving made an appearance at an art show.

My friend was exhibiting with her abstract painting group at the arts center.   Not sure if I shared these scarves I made a year ago.

And there is a new project being planned.  I'm pulling color to make a couple of runners for my dining room based on Roller Birds and Bumbaret, in Handwoven's 21st-Century Towel Contest

But first, I must deal with several years of stockpiling supplies saying, "I'll be able to use this when I retire!" Now, to actually make enough space so that I can begin to organize.

It is fun though.  I've found the first Halloween costume pattern I made for my kids.

And ..... an official Bicentennial dress pattern!

Back soon, hopefully with something on my loom!


  1. Retired!

    Nice scarves, and so wonderful of your friend to consider one of them her "opening night" clothing!

    Life is so different now: grandchildren! But we are still at it :)

  2. What fun to walk down memory lane! Look forward to seeing your new projects!