Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Squeezing in a Little Time for Dyeing

We had off on Tuesday due to elections. We never used to but I think the parents of younger children aren't happy with the number of people coming in to vote while their children are there. In November we had a professional development day but Tuesday was ALL MINE! After spending a lazy morning doing a little spinning and a little knitting I decided to dye up some onesies from Dharma for "the kid" as he is affectionately known for now. After soaking in a soda ash solution I wrung them out and started to work.

Left: Using syringes I squirted bands of color diagonally.
Right: I twisted and rubber banded and then soaked both ends in dye and left it wick up for about 3 minutes.

Left: I squished the whole thing into the dye hoping for a mottled effect.
Right: This one was done with lots of twists, a more traditional tie-dye.

Left: I wanted to keep the bands intact so I put a big piece of plastic wrap over the onesie and wrapped it up like a jelly roll.
Right: I batched overnight in plastic bags. I kept it outside where the temps were in the low 80s until evening and then stuck them in the laundry room.

Ta da! I gave them to Dan and Laura last night. They loved them! Dan was laughing because Laura had bought some little sandals and he asked if she was going to dress him like a little hippie - no question about that now, is there?

The second from the left was the one that wicked. After a few minutes I realized that it wasn't going to completely wick and blend so I squirted in some blue. I think that there was less blending one these because the soda ash was already in the fabric and the dye struck quite fast. The solid blue is slightly mottled but not as much as I thought. I thought it was low immersion but because it's so tiny it sopped it right up.

Coincidentally when I was leaving school on Wednesday the advisor for the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) asked if I was still interested in helping them tie dye, so we'll be doing that Wednesday afternoon.

Gratuitous glowing spinning picture I'm loving this Crown Mountain superwash! Each day I come home, make a decaf espresso and pull off about 2' of the thin roving. I attenuate into a soft nest and sit down to spin. What a nice way to relax.


  1. What cute onsies and lovely spinning!

  2. I love all the photos! I have some onesies on order from Dharma as well. Great minds, etc. Yours turned out wonderfully. I can feel the softness of the yarn you're spinning, lovely.

  3. Absolute eye candy!

  4. That will be the coolest kid in town!

  5. I love the tie dye but I LOVE your spinning project! It so happens that I am spinning a mint green superwash right now too -- it really is a nice way to unwind after work. I can't wait to see how yours ply up!

  6. Beautiful yarn and enjoyed seeing your dye project. I've got a dye day for yarn coming soon.

  7. The dyeing is great...........and Teyani's fiber, well what else is there to say? It's some fabulous stuff!