Thursday, July 01, 2004

Purple Baby Blanket

I finished threading and winding on the warp this morning. After a long dentist visit (which was amazingly bearable because I brought my mp3 player and listened to an Audible mystery) I corrected the misthreadings and started to weave. The picture was taken this evening under flourescent lights so the colors aren't true. It is 8/2 unmercerized, in a purple, violet, and off-white plaid. It has a little huck in the intersection of the off-whites. If you have the new Alderman book (Mastering Weave Structures: Transforming Ideas into Great Cloth) you can see the inspiration on page 105. I took the huck threading from The Best of Weaver's: Huck Lace (p. 20, 2c), but I spread the warp out over 7 harnesses instead of 4.


  1. Why over 7 harnesses instead of 4? What advantage does that have?

  2. It helps to put them over multiple harnesses, although probably with this cotton it wouldn't have made a difference. With wool or anything that can have a tendency to stick putting most of the warp on two harnesses can be difficult and this pattern had all the tabby on 1 and 2 with just the huck over 3 and 4.