Sunday, March 20, 2005

I Hate Painting Ceilings

Just in case you didn't hear me the first time - I hate painting ceilings! My neck and my lower back hurt, but my ceiling is painted. I have two different height ceilings in my kitchen, along with two beams and a ceiling fan in the dining area. That translates into too much cutting in.

Above left, what I'm starting with. It actually looks pretty good in the picture, but, trust me, it's not the sage green, like the cactus, that I was expecting. I lived with it for five years. It's time to move on. The paper and border are in great shape, so I'm just painting above the border. I picked the background color, Cotton Fluff, from the almost white of the vessel, above right. The Faux Glaze will be mixed with Caribbean Green. I know this a really dark teal green, but I'm making it very transparent using a very small paint:glaze ratio.

I did get the first ten colors of the gamp woven. I have to run out tomorrow and get 10 more bobbins. I've numbered on the side of the bobbin to help me keep the colors straight.

Pictures of that tomorrow.

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