Monday, March 28, 2005

The Gamp Travels

Okay, this gamp has taken on a life of its own, but since it's dreary and raining here today I thought it should make one more appearance!

Above you see one of the baby gamps wrapping itself around a Portuguese Sweet Bread that was getting ready to be eaten for go to dinner. When I was talking about napkins I was really thinking of more decorative, given with a food gift, kind of napkins. Since Susan (one of my sisters) reads this blog, I didn't want her to know she was getting one. You should have seen the look on the other family members faces when I walked into Susan's kitchen with the bread wrapped in the napkin. "The gamp!" was heard several times through the shouting while everyone else sat there dumbstruck. We like to think that they felt really out of the loop, but I rather think they were thinking that we had just gone off the deep end.

Speaking of food, you can catch a glimpse of one of the desserts I made in the picture above. Claudia likes to berate her kitchen skills, but this was really quite a hit. I knew all about Claudia's (in)famous copulating bunny linzertorte, but finally got a taste in the parking lot of WEBS (I missed it at the potluck picnic on the grounds of the MA Sheep & Wool last May). I thought I had some bunny, or at least Easter egg, cookie cutters but this is all I could come up with.

Speaking of the gamp, this fabric has a beautiful hand sett at 24 epi and woven in plain weave. I think it would be wonderful for a summer top or a unconstructed jacket. I'm heading down now to finish up the sleying for twill. I completely forgot that I wanted to do an inch or two with black and white wefts, but I'll do that when start in on the twills.


  1. OOooh, Portuguese sweet bread! I haven't made that in ages... Mmm.... Yours looks great!

  2. mmmm...Linzertorte. Clearly we know what gift to get Charleen. Bunny cookie cutters are a must!
    Seriously, I'm glad you enjoyed the cake. It brings me lots of good memories.

  3. What GORGEOUS creations, Char! I am so impressed!