Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Kitchen's Almost Done

Here's a follow up to my kitchen painting. I changed the color I used for the sponging, going with a green which was close to the cactus in the border. I still used Cotton Fluff as the base coat. I mixed five parts of the faux glaze to one part of Valley Mist, sponging with a sea sponge to get this subtle result. Putting on two coats of satin sealer really gives it a nice sheen and will make the area between the counters and the cabinets easy to wipe down. The trim will have to wait until this weekend.

I haven't done any more weaving, but I finally finished the edging for the Indigo Moon Brushstrokes vest. I ended up using a k1p1 ribbing instead of the crochet. After the third rip I realized I wasn't going to get the results I wanted. As soon as I can clear some space on the dining room table I'll block it and post a final picture.


  1. Are you working during all of this? If so, when you do sleep?

  2. You accomplish more in a day than I could in a month! And everything you do, you do so well! What a blessing you are to those around you!

  3. RE: twill drafts on my 3/31 blog entry.
    Charleen, those drafts and treadling are the handouts from Bonnie I's big twill workshop. They're not in any of my reference books, back issues of Weaver's mag., nor in Bonnie's book Exploring Multishaft Design. The foundations for the threadings are in Carol Strickler's book..see p. 87 for basic M & W. email me and I'll give you some more hints offline.
    This workshop made the relationship btw. threading/tie-up/treadling click for me in a way they never have before in 24 years of weaving.
    I thought she might be at Creative Strands, but nope. According to her website she'll be at Chataqua NY in Oct. for the Eastern Great Lakes Fiber conference.

  4. Wow... now I am the one lagging behind on the house painting. Definitely a sign of spring - bulbs up, lawns greening and everyone painting :-)
    Which buttons did you choose for the vest?