Friday, March 25, 2005

The Gamp Continues

So what am I going to do with this colorful cloth? I planned on making napkins, but that could change. I put on 7 yds. I've gone through the color progression three times now. I left fringe for the first one and used sewing thread for a 1/4" turn under for hems on the other two. The first two have 28 picks of each color (the same as the warp) but I wasn't getting 28ppi. For the third napkin I used 22 picks per color hoping for 1" squares. Tomorrow I'll cut those off and rethread for twill.

The last 8 colors.


  1. Your fabric is absolutely beautiful! I dont think i could stand to use something that pretty as a napkin and get it
    dirty. lovely........

  2. Oooh! They'll be fun napkins to use. It might be nice to save one square to hang in your studio as a reference of *how colors cross*. Those squadgey colors on the right side (photo in the previous post) look really interesting.

  3. What lovely fabric! I can't wait to see how it looks in twill!

  4. carol7:05 AM

    I'm with Sara (aside from the fact that I have no clue what "squadgey" might mean, but then, I'm a natural dyer....) I think these would be fantastic napkins. Why not have something utilitarian be bright and fun?
    Whatever, it's great fabric!