Wednesday, July 24, 2002

First Doubleweave

Tan and Green Throw, 38x56

My first attempt at doubleweave. Here's what I learned.....When planning vertical stripes, make sure you remember that it will be twice as wide at the fold (duh!). I didn't use floating selvedges, so I had a very dense area. I pulled out 4 ends, and when I washed it, everything looked great. It's still a little wider right down the middle, but you only see it when it's spread out flat. Since my family does NOT believe in folding up throws when they are finished, we aren't going to have any problem there. It was 46 by 72 on the loom. I really lost a lot when I took it off and washed it, but it's still wider than my 40" Macomber would do in one layer. I also measured the length while under tension, so I should have realized that it would relax a bit.

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