Monday, July 26, 2004

Q: Guess Who Has a New Home?

A: the African albino frog

Josh decided my little old pond wasn't big enough for the back yard. Now some of you may remember that it was big enough to feed a heron (see 2/03/03 entry). Unfortunately eyeing it wasn't as good as a line level. Oops! You can see my old pond shell in the background. You can also see the bricks we have for building up the one side. Once that is done, we can put the waterfall in and edge it all with big field stones. In the meantime, the frog and a few little fish are adapting well and are patiently awaiting the finishing touches - in fact, much more patiently than I am!

While I'm in this gardening mode, take a look at the pretty pink hibiscus. The white ones are still gorgeous, despite being crushed by the marauding deer. I thought it was a heavy rain that knocked them down until I saw this clue!

It was a gloomy, muggy afternoon for yesterday's Dye Day, but at least it didn't rain. I kept everything set up and today I painted some more roving and silk caps, which I'm planning to card together.

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