Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Finished Baby Blanket

I cleaned up the blanket and hemmed it yesterday. I love the little huck lace insets. The colors are just not showing up and with the sun not expected to make a return until Saturday, I'll just have to live with it. It's actually a soft violet, deep purple, and natural - all 8/2 cotton. I might do this with a heavier mercerized. I was thinking two pale shades of blue with natural. Then I could do the blues for weft and another with two shades of pinks or greens.

After I dropped TWO flourescent blubs while troubleshooting one of our fixtures (sounded like the St. Valentine's Day Massacre!) I bought "warm" bulbs rather than the usual "utility" I was buying. What a difference it made. Tish commented that I might want to try the grow lights too. I'll try that with the next ones I'm putting in.


  1. The blanket looks great! You have a nice, even beat in the fabric.

  2. Catherine10:50 AM

    Beautiful blanket! Someone's a lucky baby.

  3. beautiful work, just beautiful!