Thursday, July 05, 2007

Baby Blankets

Whoa, is June over? The last few weeks have been a blur of activity. The most important of which was Jackson, of course, but lots of other things too. The end of school and beginning of my new job (second job, not replacement!) Thinking ahead I realized that when I leave my high school students I still need something to bring in the dollars. None of those 30-and-out deals for me unless I'm willing to wait until I'm 71. Um, no!

So, I'll be teaching for the same masters program I went through a couple of years ago. I'll teach one or two classes this summer and then probably two each semester. These are intensive, week long classes during the summer and span two weekends during the school year. I was scheduled to teach in August but they aren't sure if that will fill so when an opening came up for the week of July 16th I took it. To add to the chaos, I'm also heading up to Clark University again for the APA/Clark workshop on Sunday. Maybe this time I'll get my picture taken with Freud!

Now, what's on my loom? The same freakin' boundweave that's been there since January! I was going to try a couple of other motifs but let's face it - it's a sample and I've sampled several motifs so it's time to move on.

Baby blankets seem appropriate. Besides Jackson there are several new babies arriving this summer and fall that are going to need covering. I have several ideas in mind.

Choice 1:
Choice one is a log cabin in 5/2 perle. I got this draft from It's a little different than my usual log cabin because it uses both colors in adjacent heddles.

I want to make at least two with each warp. I was thinking that my only choice was to make two identical blankets - I didn't want to use a solid weft and have stripes, but then I decided to play around with two different colors for the weft. I like it! Instead of the more pastel blue and yellow I could use a brighter primary yellow and blue for the first blanket and use red or purple and green for the weft with the second blanket. It reminds me of a circus.

I could always go with my basic log cabin draft

or step it up to a three color ABC sequence:

Choice 2:

This is also a good choice because I can use one color for the warp and then change up the weft for several different blankets.

Choice 3:

Ditto for this one - one warp, different wefts:

Guess it's time to get off the pot and get something new on the loom!


  1. Congratulations on your new job (I hope - or would you rather condolences - just kidding). What a fun choice for the baby blankets. I always love log cabin, but you have some other really great ideas. I look forward as to which one you choose to start with.

  2. I really like choice #2, but I also love log cabin...

  3. Congrats on the new job! Whichever choice you make, the blankets will be beautiful. Your work always is!

  4. Log cabin is my favorite color 'n weave pattern. I look forward to seeing which incarnation you choose.