Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Disappearing Nine Block

The warp is just sitting there waiting for me but I'm having fun playing with this quilt block. After dipping my toes back into the quilting world I found I've collected a nice little collection of charm squares. Searching through the quilting blogs I found this tutorial. I'm using two Moda charm packs Tranquility and Laurel.


I didn't have too much time. Workout or piece? I combined them by laying out the blocks on the living room floor and taking them downstairs, one block at a time, to sew.


Nothing little a little aerobic sewing, huh?


After I cut them apart ...


I repeated the process, taking one column downstairs at a time.


Just think, if I clean up the basement studio so that I can have my worktable back I would miss out on all that calorie burning!


The blue will be a narrow border and the binding. The orange will be used for the outer, wider border and the backing. I'm going to be machine quilting it after some small practice pieces this week. Wish me luck!


  1. Ooooh! I like the blue and orange together. Yep, I do that up and down the stairs thing too.

  2. The quilt is beautiful!! While the walk up and down stairs is good for you-a quick design wall (floor) can be made out of a cheap vinyl tablecloth-lay out the blocks and roll the tablecloth up to keep your blocks where you want them in transport!

  3. Those nine-blocks bring back big memories - my mother's church quilting group churned them out.