Friday, July 27, 2007

A Record?

I don't know if there is a Guinness World Record for the longest time a short, narrow sample warp has stayed on a loom, but I know this is definitely a record for me! I decided to finish the second boundweave sample before cutting off the warp. My original plan was to make little bags for my nieces so the designs were upside down, then after a plain area for the bottom they are right side up. Here are the after-washing shots. The project details can be found here.

This tie up gave the fabric a wonderful hand. It was heavy but still had some drape. The motifs came out clearer with this tie up also. This would be perfect for placemats.

While I liked this colorway better, I didn't like the ridges that this tie up created. The fabric is heavy, heavy, heavy. It would take an incredible amount of foot traffic without showing signs of wear. If I ever (and, by the way, feel free to shot me if I do) decide to weave a boundweave rug this is the tie up I'd use.

When I switched to this tie up I had more draw in. It takes four shots for one row and you can see that the weft was not packing in well. Notice the horizontal line through the flowers where you can see the underlying red thread. I changed the way I placed the weft after that.

Here I made sure to position the weft at a 45° angle before beating and you can see the difference. Not only does the weft pack in completely but the fabric is not drawing in.

I probably won't be weaving any boundweave in the near future but I'm glad a tried it out. Maybe when life is not so hectic I'll try a small wool rug.


  1. Your boundweave looks wonderful. I am going to have to investigate that weave structure. Looks a bit like taquete which I always use to create my pieces. Your color selection is wonderful too!

  2. I love the look of boundweave. What was the problem -- did you find it too slow?

  3. When life isn't hectic and cows don't fly, eh? I really like your samples. I suppose IF you had a second loom you could have the rug on one of them and work on it off and on. Yup, that's the ticket.

  4. Boundweave is real eye candy and yours is no exception. I admire you for such ambitious projects. Boundweave is on my 'someday' list. I did dabble with it once, but only for about an inch and a half! I like your idea of a small wool rug.