Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I just found my original notes and it is supposed to be sett at 20 epi. I'm going to cut off and resley tomorrow.

Two more bobbins to go and I'm finished the corriedale tweed I started back in June. The bottom half of the swatch comes in at 4.5st/inch. I need a tunic sweater like Claudia's.


  1. carol2:02 AM

    Nice sample - but, what about the poor son, then, eh?

  2. That's a great sweater! Love the yarn!

  3. Love the tweed! Such a Char color....

  4. RE: comments on my blog -
    The future podcast is coming along nicely. I never knew that breathing was so loud, though! I'll probably be going out to look at/experiment
    with different microphones today.
    My current crop of podcasts includes:
    Annie Smith: Quilting Stash
    Cast-on: A podcast for Knitters (haven't had
    a chance to listen to any of those yet)
    DogCast Radio (ditto)
    Geek News Central (only found this one
    yesterday, have only listened to one so far)
    K9Cast with Tara and Walter
    Systm (videos - techie stuff)
    this WEEK in TECH
    Zen and the Art of Triathlon
    A couple of these are recently added, and my list is subject to change on almost a daily basis as I find new ones (and perhaps delete them
    10 minutes later, you never know!)