Friday, November 11, 2005

Am I Asking for Trouble?

Here it is, almost a month after I got the warp beamed and it's still not threaded. Now I'm wondering if hanging there for so long is going to cause tension problems.

While there has been precious little fiber news, I did finish chapter three and I'm now outlining chapter four. To keep me occupied I've been listening to Catherine's podcasts. She's put together a great mix of songs, my favorite is one of her first - the ED Circle. Check it out, you don't need an iPod, just download the mp3 file and listen on your computer. I've been enjoying so many podcasts and playlists that I upgraded my mini to the 30GB model. Laura was happy to take the mini off my hands.

1 comment:

  1. You shouldn't have any tension problems with the warp. Gravity will continue to work on all threads equally, unless the cat, dog, or bird gets into them.
    I don't recall if you have any of those.
    Good progress on the dissertation!