Thursday, May 12, 2005

You Gotta Know When To Fold 'Em

Finally, with lots of concentration, I was able to get through another 10" when much to my dismay I saw the center blocks were all distorted. What now? The back rod had come loose and was bowed allowing the center to become much looser than the sides. See for yourself.

That's when I decided to cut this dog loose. I didn't have enough warp left to get a blanket out of it and quite frankly, I don't the patience right now to for a braided twill. (Of course, I could change my mind after I wash this up.)

With no weaving on the loom, I cut out two pairs of pants. Some cool
olive green twill
, cotton with just a touch of lycra. The lycra gives it a slight stretch on the lengthwise grain. The other pair are from gray Tencel. I have class all weekend, but I may get a chance to get through a least one pair.


  1. Yeah, that looks pretty un-save-able. New pants is a good thing. Hey -- I sewed today! I shortened one of my MDS&W t-shirts. I am very proud of myself.

  2. What a major PITA. But yeah, sometimes you just gotta cut your losses and make some pants - or some other semi-mindless project. I'm sure you'll wind up coming back to the pattern - it works up beautifully when everything is working right.

  3. You just reminded me why I will NEVER part with my sewing machines. When all else fails...SEW!