Saturday, May 14, 2005

Time for a Perk Me Up

and color does it every time! I wanted to make the kimono (the same one that Caroline is doing in overshot) in Sara Lamb's Warp Painting Plus. If you don't have this video, you are missing out. Sara and Mollie Freeman walk you through painting a warp, making the kimono, and color sampling for future projects. I think I bought mine from Victorian Video. I bought a bunch of mercerized cotton for warp painting (10/2 and 5/2), but haven't had time to wind the warp, let alone paint it. Then I remembered the leftovers from the Lunatic Fringe color gamp a couple of months ago. I wound a warp 6 yards long with 16 colors, about 24 ends each, some colors ran out at 22-23 ends. I finished up with *10 black, 4 red-violet* (repeat 4 Xs) and finished with 20 black - this will be for the front band. At 24 epi this will give me about 19" in the reed. The warp is 10/2 in black.

I have my eyes on the end of school. I teased up some lovely, soft corrie. I want to sample it before I decide if/how I'm going to dye it. If I can finish my paper tomorrow night I'll have three free weekends with no classes. Whoppee!


  1. Way cool! Is this all for the front band, on a mostly black kimono? That would be stunning.

  2. love those eye popping colors! Thanks for the tip on the video...I'll have to look for it.

  3. Wow. Those colors are lovely.