Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Quest

I was listening to John Sanford's latest, Broken Prey, on my brand spankin' new iPod (a Mother's Day present) this weekend. In the story, his wife gives him an iPod and a gift certificate for 100 songs, but he hasn't downloaded any songs yet because he's trying to come up with his own list of the top 100 rock songs. At the end of the novel, he presents his list. The gauntlet has been thrown. Stay tuned.

I was too tired to work on my warp tonight, but that gave me time to finish spinning, then ply, the reconfigured Lampspun batt. I agree, Lisa, the blues (shades of royal and teal) look great with the natural brown alpaca. The skeins are drying as I type.


  1. I concur. Brown and blue rock.
    Have fun with your iPod. Someday I may succumb...

  2. Can't wait to get Broken Prey - I love JS and have all his books. Hmmm - I think Cream's "White Room" and INXS's "Burn for You", Tom Petty and the HeartBreaker's "Refugee", Def Leppard's "Miss You in a Heartbeat", Tears for Fears "Woman in Chains" and more Led Zeppelin should be on the list.

  3. That yarn is so awesome! I should really learn how to spint sometime soon.