Thursday, May 26, 2005

Any Advice?

I've got about 3.2 lbs. of washed Coopworth lamb. The locks are about 6" long. It has a beautiful glow and is soft, but not next to the skin soft.

It could be a rustic cardigan. Maybe a rug? Do I card or do I comb? Dye now or after I spin it up?

I know I'm going to dye my gray corrie and card it on the Duncan. That's on my list for this weekend. I'm looking over my samples now. I think I'm going to do three batches and blend them while carding. I'm going back and forth between closely related colors for a heathery look or three colors further apart from each other. I'm giving myself until tomorrow night to decide.

I'm having so much fun working on my top 100 list. I agree, Cathy, definitely Cream. White Room is good - I like Strange Brew, too. Right now I'm stuck in the late 60's - 70's with lots of Led Zeppelin, CCR, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, and Santana. When I think of my freshman year of college all I can think about is In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida! The girls across the hall had the arm of the changer set to repeat and the freakin' thing played over and over again. I have to tell you, though, 1975-1985 is a blur. If it wasn't Sesame Street or Raffi, I can't remember it! My younger sister will have to fill me in. I have over 400 songs on my iPod so far. I also have them all in a spreadsheet. This weekend I'll be weeding the garden and the playlist.


  1. Send the lamb fleece to me. Now, wasn't that easy!?!

  2. Or to me. I'd dye it, then comb it, then spin a lovely shiny 3-ply to knit a cabled cardigan of some sort.

  3. I think the cardigan would be wonderful. If you spin before dyeing, you can spend the spinning time planning and changing the cardi in your mind. Then you'd be sure to have the correct amount of each color in the end.

  4. P.S. When you get all caught up with 1975-1985, I could use some help with the next decade. In exchange, I'll tell you all about what happened on Sesame Street after you moved on!

  5. Yikes! I lost 1977-1986, but we had no TV so I can't even sing Raffi. But all the rest you mentioned, you start the first bar, and I'll sing along. And we'll grow out our long grey hair (sad).

  6. I have some lamb coop. like that. Dyed it cushings "grey green" (which isn't greyed at all IMO) and ran it through the drum carder. I've spun some swatches...but it went to the back burner. I've thought that the "Cozy vest" in the Green Mtn. Spinnery book would work well. This one:
    RE: music...what about Buffalo Springfield's "For what it's worth"?

  7. I'm a big proponent of dyeing BEFORE spinning. I'm not fond of wool clothing that makes the skin prickle, so if it's going to be clothing, rustic way-outerwear would be my route.

  8. Marie8:43 PM

    I once was able to get free Coop from a neighboring farm, in a life long past. I love the luster but didn't like the feel. I think some of it became a rug. It wasn't lamb fleece though. I wonder if I still have some around.
    As to the music, I miss it and your mentioning it brings back fond memories. Sesame Street, shoot, watched it from the beginning. That means my oldest is getting old. Sara, "poot" on the gray hair thing....that is why they make hair dye. I'm due. Anyway, thank you for the mention of the fiber on your blog. I can't post there (dunno why), so here you get the thanks.
    You need a breather Charleen!