Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Last of the Gamp

I can't swear this will be the last gamp post. It's been so much fun I have to keep talking about it.

On the left is reverse twill, Chandler calls it vertical herringbone. The picture on the right is a 2/2 twill. I like the bolder look of the 2/2 twill. Here's a close up of the two twills. The plain weave in the center is woven with sewing thread and will be the turn under for the hem. I may have enough warp for one more (towel, napkin, whatever) maybe idiot's twill.


  1. Larry7:40 PM

    Hi Charleen. You left a comment on my blog re: my carpet and the Mannings finishing class. I can't find a way to "reply" to a comment on my blog, so I'm leaving a comment here. I was in Tom's finishing class - I think it was on Dec. 17, 2004. Were you in that class? That's where I learned the Damascus edge. Tom also talked about braiding but the braid I used came from a book. Are you in the Central Pa guild? If so, say hello next time you're at a meeting - I'll be easy to find. -- Larry

  2. i love the rainbowy goodness appearing here lately. :)

  3. Every variation of this warp has been a treat! But, what will you do next?

  4. Charleen, this is the first time that I have visited your blog and the gamp is wonderful. I'm glad you showed so many variations and changes in how you were weaving it. The rainbow colors are great. I bet you will miss it when the warp is all done.