Wednesday, April 20, 2005


When they called 75 prospective jurors into one court room I knew it was something big. They were picking from our county, but the trial is going to be about 1.25 hours away. After some explanations of the case, we were asked several questions as a group. Then began the long process of calling each juror, individually, into a conference room for questioning. I'm not sure if I was excused because I looked like I would or wouldn't be able to impose the death penalty, but I have to say I'm relieved. We started individual conferences at 1:30 - I was number 8/75 and I left at 3:00. The majority of the jurors will have to report again tomorrow. Jury duty is one day/one case so I'm finished.

I wound the warp this evening. I'd show you a picture, but it's white. Threading is going to be a little slower with a 24 end repeat, but I don't have any classes this weekend, so hopefully I'll have some pictures by Sunday.

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  1. How interesting. I was unaware that PA is a dealth penalty state.
    BTW, Bloglines is f'king with me again. If you use it, don't rely on it for my blog updates, K?