Friday, April 15, 2005


I'm going with the braided twill. I won't get a chance to start winding until Saturday night, so I'm taking the time to decide whether I go with my original Conshohocken 2.2 Softball or 8/2 cotton. I played around with the Winweave draft and think that it looks better with a lighter warp and darker weft.


  1. I really like that draft. I may have to play around with it myself - it's way cool!

  2. Very nice draft! kind of like a basket sideways :)
    Can't wait to see some woven samples of that, is this for 8 shaft?

  3. I played around with different treadlings and tie-ups with that draft. None of them were quite as "orderly" as the 'tromp as writ', yet there were interesting possibilities. Put on some extra warp and play?

  4. Larry5:44 AM

    Hi Charleen. This is a great draft - a diagonal log cabin! I'll have to put it in my file to try some day. I'll bet you had fun with your gamp - that is something I need to try soon - I love looking at them.