Friday, November 07, 2003

Slow Progress

Despite the low profile I have been making some progress on my fiber projects. School is consuming most of my time, but whenever I can I head to the basement, card a little and listen to a book. I just finished Life of Pi. What a great story. I was hooked right from the start. Now to figure out what to listen to next. I have six more books I've downloaded but haven't had time to listen to yet.

I also finished up my fish and got them sent out for the ST Fish Exchange. Got my mini-skeins labeled and sent out too. Can't wait to see what everyone else sent it. Why do I always worry that mine won't measure up? Gotta build up that self-esteem!

Josh came by today and we were able to get the the big chair moved out of the basement. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the the studio cleaned up and warp my loom. It's been a long time since I've woven. I guess since school started. I wanted to dye some muslin for curtains for the studio, but I realized I didn't have any soda ash. I'm going to see if the pool supply store has any. Paula Burch had something on her website about getting it there. I want it now and if I can skip the shipping charges from Pro Chem so much the better!

My husband is visiting his brother in Alabama for a few days. Laura is working part time at the bank again and she babysits overnight. (hope she's not taking on too much, but her second year of law school seems to be less hectic for her) That means I've had the house to myself for the last two nights. It's been really weird. I haven't been alone, at home, for 28 years (to the day actually - since Dan turned 28 today)

I finished the Fibertrends tote for Sarah. I made it a little longer than it called for and it was a good thing, because it seemed to shrink much more in length than width. I did give it a few good vertical pulls, like the directions said. I also was surprised at the fuzziness of the BS Naturespun. I usually use Lambs Pride and the mohair gives quite a halo, but I didn't expect it with this yarn. You can barely see the novelty yarn around the top couple of inches. I think she'll like it though. No pictures - left my camera at school.


  1. I just felted a Lambs Pride swatch, and it hardly felted AT ALL width-wise, but lengthwise it just shriveled up. I'm trying to make a felted Bucket-O-Chic. Let me know if you've got any felting tips for this newbie.....

  2. I am enjoying "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson. It doesn't hurt that he has an incredibly sexy voice.