Thursday, November 13, 2003

It's Amazing

what you can accomplish when you don't have to be at school until noon (parent/teacher conferences from 12:00-7:30) and the high winds rip off your gutter and slam it against your house all night! By 5:00 I knew there wasn't going to be anymore sleep. That's when I usually get up anyway, but I stayed up late last night dyeing the material for the curtains and knitting - thinking that I could sleep a little later.

So far I've wound the warp for the back of my silk vest. I painted the warp at Claudia's last summer, but didn't wind it long enough (doh!). Luckily I used straight Sabraset colors, violet, golden yellow, and magenta, so I don't have to worry about intricate mixing. I'm just going to use violet for the back.

I also finished the third pass of carding for the silver-gray-green Finn. I need one more color and then decide whether I want to dye the main color or keep it white.

Last night I started the sleeve for one of my longtime UFO's. See My Wall of Shame on my old blog. I'm about 2/3 through this sleeve and hope to have both finished by the end of conferences. It will be my first handspun sweater and the first finished project from that sorry list.


  1. Yeah! Finish that handspun sweater because it will look fabulous on you once it's finished.

  2. I lost a gutter last night, too, but at least it didn't wake me up :)

  3. Not enough warp! ARGHH! I think your solution will work fine, though.
    Damn work. Gets in the way!