Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I Finished Something!

Okay, pat me on the back. I actually finished Sarah's tote last week but forgot to post a picture. I'll give it to her on Thursday.

Here's the third shade for the sweater I'm designing. I've already carded the silver gray green and the nugget gold. I'm debating whether I should dye the rest khaki - these are all Cushing's Perfection dyes - or keep it natural. It's going to be a cardigan, knit in the round, with a patterned yoke and some patterning above the wrists too. I have equal amounts and enough of all 4 that any one could be the main color. Haven't decided that yet either!

Mmmmm, my husband is baking pies. Pumpkin and apple are finished. Now to chop up everything for the stuffing and cook the yams. We're going to roast the two turkeys tomorrow. It's just too crazy to try and carve and make the gravy on the spot when you're having close to 40 for dinner. I've got two of the big roaster ovens and a couple of crock pots and everything will be done before the guests arrive. I think the stress factor will be lowered substantially!


  1. 40 for dinner? I am so glad to be antisocial and just cooking a little game hen for myself!

  2. Wow! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope your day is as stress-free as possible.

  3. Karen5:26 PM

    40!! My gosh, I was panicking because I had 9.... although I seem to have made enough food for 9 more. Hope all went well!