Sunday, November 23, 2003

Almost a Match?

What do you think? The vest material is on top. I think it looks a little darker, but it's been washed so the fabric is a little denser and the pattern is pinned to the other side. I think (I hope) that when the vest is lined the back will blend in nicely with the two fronts. I'm going to dye muslin with Sabracon violet to use as the lining.

Felt good to weave again - the first time since school started - but cutting back perennials yesterday did a job on my elbow and shoulder :-(


  1. hey, nice fabric! If, when you are done, the fabric is too light, throw it into a dyepot of violet. it will still have striations of violet, but darken overall. That sun on your shoulder sounds good right about now (dark and cold here).

  2. Look how nice that is! Go Weaver-Girl!