Sunday, February 17, 2008

Out With the Old

Rip, rip, rip! It's out with the old and in with the new!

You might remember Jackson in his sausage sweater. I was just going to give this to a younger baby but I realized it wasn't proportional. The arms are too short and the body too tight and long. I started this at a very stressful time last fall and I now realize that along with my gauge being off I was following several different sizes in the instructions. Doh! While looking for something else I found another ball of the Fixation so knowing I'll have enough for a size 2 I started ripping. I started over, going up a needle size and have progressed through the neck ribbing and short row shaping and am now doing the raglan increasing through the shoulders. In case you need a dose of cute, here's Jackson getting ready to watch the Super Bowl!

Inspired by Leigh's lovely M's and O's I starting winding a warp for some more towels using one of my favorites - WEB's Eight-Two in willow green.

It's a 128 end repeat and I have three repeats wound. Now I have to figure out my sett and decide if I need to play with the pattern a bit. That's wrapped pretty tightly and it's 36 wpi. I could have sworn I used 20 epi before with this yarn. You'd think I'd have records somewhere but apparently only pictures!

I'll mull it over while I rip up carpet. Yes, I'm doing another room makeover!

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a three day weekend, enjoy! And take some time to read Syne's new endeavor WeaveZine. Bonnie has a great Turned Weft Ikat article. Tonight it's back to the table of contents for more information and ideas.


  1. The Willow Green is lovely. Those towels will be very nice! Also loved the Jackson photo. What a Dude!

  2. That is an absolutely adorable photo of Jackson. Did you knit his sweater? And I love that color of green! Webs willow, huh? I'm going to remember that one.

  3. claudia k3:28 AM

    Jackson is totally adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!