Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tied One On!!

I absolutely love this part of weaving prep! As the warp smooths out and the colors line up there's nothing but possibilities.

All I have to do is tie up the treadles and I'm ready to go.  Considering how long it took to get this warp from the warping reel to the loom the weaving will seem like a minute! 
I don't know about your corner of the world but it's but excessively hot and dry here - well, no rain but plenty of humidity - this is PA after all!  The flowers and grasses are looking pretty bleak but I was able to catch a pretty good shot by getting on the ground and shooting up.  I don't think I need any reminders of how parched everything looked this summer.


  1. I love the colors: Spring! or baby.... or my MIL's kitchen, which was pink :D!

  2. beautiful colours...

    (note to self: learn how to weave)