Friday, June 17, 2011

Dyeing Onesies Again!

Was it really over four years ago that I dyed a batch of onesies for Jackson?

Onesie, pants, hoodie combo
A few years ago (hmm, apparently it was the summer of 2007!) I bought a Wonder Washer.  I thought it would help when I wanted a more even dye.  Life, as it has a way of doing, got in the way and I finally brought it out last week to dye these pants and hooded jackets.

Rockin' Crocodile
This one is a present for one of Josh's friends.  Tripp, he is the third Joseph Paul.  Granddad is Joe, son is J.P. and little one is Tripp.  J.P. is in a weekend band - a guitar player.

Appliqued Fish

This one is for Jacob, my new grandson. 

These are 6 month Rabbit Skin blanks from Dharma, despite their clown-like appearance here!

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