Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Well, Look at Me....

I finally finished something! I'm sure the view from my loom helped motivate me.

The old patio door was scratched and drafty, now I have a clear view and the e-glass will help with fading when those projects stay on the loom too long.

I ended up with seven towels.

I have fooled around with every setting on my camera. I either get too washed out or too saturated.

They really fall somewhere between these pictures.

I'm keeping these two as samples. The top (also seen in the center of the right stack in the second picture) was woven 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and produced a wonderful, almost waffle-like texture. It has a lovely hand and would be great for a spring/summer jacket. The bottom one was woven 1,2,3,4 and resulted in a stripe with a nice drape. I would use this structure with a painted warp and a coordinated solid weft. It would make a beautiful lightweight summer shawl.


  1. They are lovely!! Nothing dries dishes better than handwoven towels!

  2. Love the view from your loom. Exterior house rehab complete?
    The dish towels are lovely. What's next?

  3. Nice! I love the stack of them, like a litter.
    Then they go off to their neew homes :)

  4. Love your towels. I treasure mine from you and use it all the time. If anything motivates me to weave, that will...

  5. I frequently have the same saturation problem in taking pictures. It drives me wild! The towels are lovely, no matter what.