Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The last month or so of school is always crazy. I get through it by starting lots of cool projects that I can finish up over the summer. At this point my attention span is about a nanosecond but I have to say this superwash from Crown Mountain Fibers has kept me interested. This colorway is The Beat Goes On. Love Me Tender jumped into the box on the way here! Makes you want to break out in song, doesn't it?

On Kim's advice, I've pulled off about two feet of roving and then predrafted. Doesn't it look like tropical fruit sherbet?

This is the first time I've spun superwash and it is a bit slick but after a few minutes I was able to fine tune the take up and things progressed smoothly. Did I mention that I have 23 days left?


  1. The roving looks like, dare I say, "yummy" cotton candy!

  2. Not that you are counting . Any major fiber plans for the summer?

  3. What wonderful colors! I've never spun superwash before. I'll be interested in everything you think about it.

  4. Teyani's fibers usually don't need to be predrafted, unless you want the colors to blend together more. That might help with the slickness. I just finished spinning that colorway--I didn't care for it when I started, but really liked it once it was finished. Their fibers are some of my favorites!