Friday, April 13, 2007


While this close up was taken in progress, the hat, knitted from two Machine Knitting to Dye For blanks, is finished

Where's that Faroe Vine Cardigan? Well, I've picked up the stitches on for the right half of the front neckband. Once all the stitches were picked up and a couple of rows knitted I cut the neck steek and then pulled out the double pointed needles and let the stitches run down! After taking a break due to hyperventilation, I continued to knit and the band turned out great!

Try as I might I could not get a decent picture to show you the braids made with the excess yarn from the stitches. They will be encased in the finished neckband. I've had the buttons for a couple of weeks but I just can't bring myself around to cutting that front steek. I told myself that I wouldn't be wearing it until next fall so I had plenty of time, but with the cold weather we've been having lately I could have been wearing it now.

I finished the handspun corrie tweed cardigan that I was knitting at my mother's. Just need some buttons and blocking. Here's the start of the Sailor's Rib Vest (scroll way down). It's got a nice reverse stockinette stich hem which looks a little scalloped before blocking. I'm sure it's just the difference between the double moss stitch and cable sections.


  1. Everything looks great! Love the hat......your colors are always the MOST fun.
    I'm so glad you got the neck steek done and are still in one piece. (ha!) Now when you cut the front open, you'll have had some practice.
    The scallop on the sailor's rib cardigan will disappear with blocking.

  2. You have been a real knitting nut, Char! I love it all and the colors in the hat are striking.

  3. Wow - you really have been busy. I love the light/dark contrasts in your Faroe sweater. Get at those steeks!

  4. Damn, you are productive! Go steeks go!

  5. Wow. Love love love the hat colors. And the cardigan green and the faroe vine cardigan. And weaving too! Do you sleep?

  6. Lovely knitting. I love how colorful the hat is, and the Faroe sweater is absolutely fantastic! I wish I could be so productive.