Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jewel of India Bracelet

This is the Jewel of India bracelet, designed by Kathleen Kimball-Baker, from Best of Beadwork 2006. You can see several variations on the cover (bottom right).

I used four different Delica beads with a 3mm fire polished crystal as the accent down the middle.

I changed up the ends a bit.

This is a breeze to make using the herringbone stitch. I'm making it again in silver and black. Here's one that somebody did with a button and loop closing.

This month's Online Guild workshop is on crochet techniques. I haven't done much crocheting since college and early baby days. The project for the first week was crochet weave. I've heard of crocheting a mesh and then weaving the accent yarn but we used a method where the accent yarn is carried along with the base yarn which allows you to use heavily textured yarns without worrying about pulling or distorting. One member used raffia as the base "yarn" weaving in iris leaves. Very cool.

Mine wasn't nearly as creative!

This week we explored Tunisian crochet. Just so happened to have several Tunisian (or afghan) hooks on hand so I used the same yarn combination for a sample.

The back is interesting too.

Lots of progress on the Faroe Vine Cardigan too, but I'll save those photos for tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful bracelet.

  2. Love the bracelet. And crocheting - I am pleased. :-)

  3. How pretty! I really like the clasp/closure on the bracelet.