Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I reknit Calorimetry and just in time as winter seems to finally be making an appearance around here. After several record breaking highs over the past few weeks it was actually cold this morning.

I used handspun from some of the first roving I dyed in the oven roaster. I cast on 80 stitches instead of 120 and recalculated the short rows by the same percentage. This one fits like a charm!

I had about 250 yards and I was able to make the hat, a pair of mittens, and I'm using the rest for a narrow scarf. We'll see how long it is.

After seeing what Leigh and Karen were creating with the Online Guild, I signed up and began working on Leigh's Computer Design Workshop. I'm starting to explore the filters on Photoshop and have come up with some pleasing results. More about that in my next entry.


  1. What a great use of your handspun - especially now that y'all finally have winter!
    I've bookmarked the online guild for more reading this weekend, but sounds like an impressive resource!

  2. Definitely don't have time for another guild right now, but I really enjoyed reading Leigh's blog -- thanks for the link.
    Love the matching mittens.

  3. You know, if someone just sent a picture of yarn dyed in "certain colors", I would KNOW who the dyer was! Nice job!