Friday, December 29, 2006

Another Necklace

I usually don't like making the same thing twice but since this pattern is so easy I thought I'd do it again to help me gain some speed and dexterity. I used size 11 seeds, iris metallic olive and metallic copper.

After attaching the clasp I came back across the top adding a seed in the space between each motif. (see close up of the previous one)

I didn't like the way I attached the clasp the last time - it seemed a bit stiff, so I added a little loop and attached the clasp and ring in the center of the loop. I guess that means I didn't actually make the same thing twice.

I find doing this netted beadwork very relaxing. Much akin to spinning. Once you've decided on the yarn you're spinning or the pattern you're beading then you can let your hands take over and allow your mind to wander.

ETA: I forgot to mention where I got the pattern for the necklace. It was Basic Net Necklace designed by Sandra Halpenny.


  1. Very nice! Love the colors. Have a good Christmas?

  2. Your eyes must be in tons better shape than mine! I'm getting cross-eyed with just the idea of beadwork! LOL.

  3. Gorgeous colors! They're both beautiful.

  4. Nice! How long does it take you to make one of those? My daughter loves to do beading and that might be a good sized project for her.

  5. Charleen, it is gorgeous!!! Did you purchase a kit or did you design it yourself? I think I would like to give something like this a pretty!