Saturday, April 15, 2006

Whitby Progress

Claudia's pattern drafting is perfection! The gussets under the arms allow the drop sleeve to fit perfectly. It's big, but I only have a thing pj top underneath. I'll make sure I have, ahem, more support for the final photo. I can tell this will be a much loved, much worn sweater. I also love that I'll only have a few ends to weave in when the sweater is finished. How cool is that?

I received many comments about not spending too much time cleaning up. However one of the problems with a messy house is that you know you have equipment but somehow you can't find it. That's the case with my beautiful Kromski niddy noddy. Since I only have four bobbins for my new wheel this posed a problem. I crushed the scrap of foam board seen in the background while winding off one bobbin. I located my skein winder, but it was far back in the nether regions of my fiber storage room, locked in by bags of fleece. I was, however, able to find some pvc and T connectors and these plans. Works for me!

This is a very loosely spun Romney/mohair blend. I spun two bobbins while testing out the wheel. I'm going to use it for fulled mittens or a bag so the inconsistencies will disappear.


  1. Whoa, nice sweater! And I need a new *everyday* sweater too, hmmm. I generally wear them in a similar manner: my everyday wear would shock most anyone (except the UPS man. He must've seen everything by now. Not my everything, you understand, just a general everything).
    I'll shut up now.

  2. It looks great on you. The color is fabulous. I know you WILL wear it every day.
    LOVE the teal yarn. Romney makes for the nicest/quickest/easiest spinning. It always makes me feel I am a better spinner than I really am, therefore I adore it.

  3. Marie5:42 AM

    What a fashion statement! You ought to market that "look".

  4. Very beautifully spun Romney/mohair blend! That sweater is lovely...nice work!